Writing Your Performance Bio

Writing Your Performer Bio, as suggested by TommyB

  1. Everyone writes the shows in sequential order, write yours in order of which got you laid most.
  2. Little known facts are supposed to be little known. Don't tell anyone.
  3. The performance bio is not a 'hobbies outside of improv' list.
  4. It's okay to lie in your bio and say you were in a show, such as Wicked, if you played a character who wasn't in the show, like Breakdancing Billy Bob
  5. If you highlight your training, you are a noob.
  6. Don't give thanks to your pets unless its a horse or something bigger than you.
  7. You deserve an award, make one up for yourself. I won the "Best Line Drawn the Middle of a Room in a Roommate Scene" award.
  8. If your bio is longer than your lines in the sketch show, you aren't as good as you think you are.
  9. Just once, I want to see someone thank themselves, I mean you did more work on the show than your mom or significant other.
  10. Always hope for you to enjoy the show.

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