Welcome new members to your ensemble

How to welcome new members to your ensemble, as suggested by Tommy B.

  1. Team versus noobie flipcup game.
  2. Every time the noobie makes a move on stage, collectivly sigh.
  3. Remind them that the noobie pays for the coach and rehearsal space.
  4. Work on a form in rehearsal, then do something else in the show. This shows how well the noobie improvises forms.
  5. The first scene in rehearsal should be an interview scene, with the team on one side of the table, and the noobie on the other.
  6. I would say sex, but that's probably how the noobie got on the team.
  7. 2 hours of zip, zap, zop.
  8. Have the noobie do a monologue, then each member of the ensemble point out things that the noobie did.
  9. Every missed edit in their first show, they do a wind sprint.
  10. Group hug.

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