As suggested by Corey Brown
  1. Your scene partner isn't calling out the move you made to the audience, because the audience probably feels the same way about that bullshit move you made.
  2. Talking to the audience in your show turns improv into a game show.
  3. If you meta-improv something, you have to be a meta-character and do a meta-monologue.
  4. Edit Bomb! is not meta improv, its a Shakespearian technique.
  5. A narrator with a funny voice is not doing meta-improv but a solo sliding door.
  6. Get out of your head and play stage directions without meta-improvising
  7. If you go meta-improv, you must really fight until one person dies, so says the Kumite.
  8. Don't break the fourth wall that has the door on it, or you won't get out of your scene.
  9. Improv without meta-improv is like the WWE without an audience, just a bunch of men gaying it up all over each other.
  10. The best form of meta-improv is the Groaner Apology, and usually saddest if Zach is apologizing for another 'bit'.


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