Scene Topic To Sweep Edit After Pun

Welcome Back to Words of Wisdom.
This week's question is brought to you by Tommy Barbour.
What scene topics are most appropriate to sweep edit immediately following a pun?
This is a very interesting topic. Before listing the best scene topics, I would like to throw a general note that puns work differently in different shows. The best type of show to do puns in are fast, high-energy clusterfucks. Not because it fits with the theme, but because your director will be so pissed at what you are doing on stage, the pun will be missed.
On to the list (in order of preference)….
  1. Racism – we all know racism sucks, but if you think of a clever word for 'whitey', 'blackie', or 'redie', use it and edit. its worth it.
  2. AIDS – closely ranked at number two. the only reason why its lower is because racism has been a lot longer than AIDS, but AIDS is funnier.
  3. Neo-Nazism – a sweep edit after a pun will make the audience forget the scene and act like it never existed, just like the holocaust.
  4. An All-Girl Sleepover – all guys fantacize about what happens during a these things. let us keep the suspense.
  5. During a scene with a character named Bitsy McBitalot – you just shot your pun load all over the scene's face. wipe it off and start fresh.
  6. The Out-Nerd Each Other scene – when 2 people are trying to prove who the biggest nerd is by going in detail about really techie stuff. The pun is more like a wakeup call, and the edit is an apology to the audience.
  7. Old Timey – if you go into old timey character from the 1900s and does one of those Michigan J Frog type song puns, you need to pray to God right now.
  8. Jon Benet Ramsey – that pun you are thinking about her has already been done. edit to newimproville.
  9. During the Armando monalogue – that's right. let that fucker tell another joke and steal your thunder. edit him until he isn't as funny as you. its a competition you know.
  10. Injury – if you Sammy Tamimi the scene and tear your ACL/MCL, make sure its not in vain. Tell a pun to get edited on a high note.

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