Props In Improv

Props in Improv, as suggested by Katie Shutrump.

  1. Props should be something that they aren't. For example, a banana is actually a giant rocketship.
  2. If you decide to not use props in your show, please remove chairs, steps, and clothing from all scenes.
  3. Props are needed if you are doing an airplane scene from the olden days.
  4. If you need a prop to make a scene funny, go back to acting in plays.
  5. A dildo is not a prop, its an adult choice.
  6. Giving props during a show may disturb the scene. Wait till the show ends and then give everyone their props.
  7. Your teammates not in the scene are perfect props. Turn one into a toilet and take an improv poop. Audiences love that, especially at ComedySportz.
  8. Don't be a pussy and use a prop car on stage, get a real car on stage. That is more impressive.
  9. During 24 LIVE, Zach needed many props to keep him up on stage. We call those props Red Bull.
  10. Stop watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? and do some real improv.


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