Figuring out a form for your group

Figuring out a form for your group as suggested by Kit Fitzsimons.
  1. The name of the form is more important than the form itself.
  2. If your group is really good at reading, your form should be the ever popular improv form "sketch".
  3. The best form isn't the most challenging. If it is too hard, it will probably make your show suck.
  4. If your group likes to sing, make it a musical form. If your group likes to get drunk, make it a drunk form.
  5. An organic form is called a montage. This is acceptible.
  6. Everyone put in one improv technique they like in a hat. Draw 2, then skip, reverse, uno, and out!
  7. You don't choose the form. The form chooses you.
  8. Ask your parents, because they have seen enough of your shows to know your strengths and weaknesses.
  9. You can do what Mr Fancypants did and have a Wheel of Forms.
  10. Who needs a form when you can go blue in 3 seconds!

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