Saving a scene when your partner is tanking.

Saving a scene when your partner is tanking, as suggested by Dave Ries
  1. Yell "REWIND", make a sound like a record going backwards, and then start the scene from the beginning.
  2. Throw an edit grenade and move on.
  3. Everytime your scene partner digs a hole, finish the line with Wackity Schmackity Doo.
  4. Heighten the tanking by trying to overtank the tanker.
  5. Turn into a racist/sexist and start ranting. This draws focus away from the scene.
  6. Draw a line down the scene and say 'you do your scene there, and i'll do mine here. let the audience vote for who is better'. So sayeth the improv kumite.
  7. Turn your scene partner into a robot, and hit the mute button.
  8. Look at yourself in the improv mirror. The scene partner tanking is just an illusion. You are the one that is tanking.
  9. Give the scene mouth-to-mouth by turning it blue. 
  10. Say "Rene, stop tanking the scene please". No need to get mean. 

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