How to make bold and worthwhile initiations.

As requested by cooletter87

1. A silly voice makes the initiation real.
2. Milk an improv cow, but make the milking the object of your emotion, not the cow.
3. If you start out by saying something like "Coach will be here soon", someone will come in as the coach later, and its worth the while.
4. Slap your scene partner for real and then improv kiss them.
5. Write your initiation in MS word, highlight it, then press <CTRL-B>.
6. Summarize the scene in the 2 lines you speak. It takes guessing out of improv.
7. Think of an object, throw it on the ground, and yell CRASH.
8. Initiate the scene with a dollar, then put it in the improv bank, and in 10 years, that initiation will be worth 2 dollars.
9. Perform a song and dance. That's fun and very bold.
10. A monologue on 4!d5.


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