Words of Wisdom: Sketch Comedy

Sketch Comedy (as requested by Zach Ward):

  1. A sketch without bits and puns is a soliloquy
  2. The Far Side is a good example of sketched comedy, whereas Mary Worth is not
  3. If you write a blackout, use braile to read it in the dark
  4. Can’t spell skit without Kit, and he is funny
  5. If you are having trouble writing a sketch, integrate poop. Poop is always funny.
  6. The difference between US & British sketch is that in Britain, the jokes are on the wrong side of the curtain.
  7. If someone laughs at your sketch, it’s okay to use it as a series and a big budget movie, just ask Lorne Michaels.
  8. There are thousands of sketchs that use racism and stereotypes. There’s a reason, they are funny.
  9. If you are starting out a sketch group, make sure there is a hot guy/girl in the group that you can make a sketch about making out with.
  10. If your mom thinks your sketch is the best thing ever, tell someone who does improv so they can use your premise in their routine.

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