It's so hard….to say hello

Man. It’s hard to get motivated to start blogging again. It has been such a long time, and I don’t know where to begin. There have been wonderfully awesome things since I last really blogged, so if I don’t talk about them, what does that mean? Married to Jaime. Honeymoon to Egypt. Steelers got to Super Bowl. I’m created the MadSkillz HipHop Project at CSz. I’m starting up the Dual Duel again. I joined a gym. Started losing weight. I play a lot of D&D.

Wow. That was easy.

Now I can ramble about whatever I wish.

Some ramblings include:

  • BSG was phenomenal, but Caprica sux monkeyballs. Seriously. DUMB.
  • I love playing D&D, and playing BSG is also awesome. I have been a Cylon 3 straight times. Cylons have won 3 straight times.
  • It’s still pretty cold out, but the scoot to work count is incrementing.
  • Going to LA & Holland in May. Snoop Dogg would be proud.
  • Starting to watch Breaking Bad. It’s good.
  • I just farted at work. Sorry monitoring team.


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