My new techie project

One of the things that I have learned at work, is that I need to find something about technology that excites me. Something that I think about when not at work, and will spend time on. This will only drive me to get back on the techie side of things faster. So, I am going to attempt to make some type of web based D&D initiative board.

Paizo's Combat Board

Some of the basic features will include:
* Adding combatants to initiative
* Setting & resetting each initiative
* Auto sort button
* Manual sorting
* Delay with undelay redoing the order
* Round tracker

I was thinking about adding some type of tracker for spell durations, but that is out of scope.

I will be optimizing this for an iPad, using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. I’m learning all of that with the Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript book. Hooray!

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