First pass at initiative pad

So, I have decided to post some screenshots about what I’m working on. This is not even alpha.

First up, a plain and boring home screen.

Not much right? Well, the + at the top right will move you to the Add PC screen.

Add the character name, their initiative modifier, and the score.

There is some wimpy validation that I’m trying to fix, but you get some alerts if you are entering something that isn’t the correct data type.

Once you have entered in the correct info, it saves the data in local storage and brings you back to the initiative board.

Lets add a few more PCs/NPCs to the initiative pad and see how they look shall we?

All initiatives are auto sorted by score then initiative modifier, so when we add a new PC, it gets placed into the right position automatically. Deleting the PC from the pad will just shift everything underneath it up a row. Another cool thing is that since everything is done via local storage, you can leave the site and come back, and see the everything again.

Currently, I’m trying to fix the validation, as a warning gets displayed, but you can still submit the form. Also, when adding a second PC, the warning messages are still displayed.

Techie TODOS:
* Add tests
* Pull stuff out of the init.js to make it more reusable
* Generate all of the html using javascript instead of coding it in index.html

More features:
* Clear/edit the initiative scores directly instead of deleting and re-adding everyone
* A token that cycles through each PC to identify whose turn it is
* A round counter
* A way to delay a PC
* Make pretty

Lots to do…

Any feedback would be appreciated. You can find the project in GitHub here.

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