Review: PFS Special: Blood Under Absalom

The Ruby Phoenix Tournament is nigh, and organizations and individuals throughout the Inner Sea are scrambling to secure a spot in the legendary Tian fighting competition, among them the Pathfinder Society. In an underground qualifier event overseen by an enigmatic old monk and his oni spokesman, the Pathfinders must overcome the opposition to ensure the Society can send representatives to distant Goka to compete in the Ruby Phoenix Tournament itself. Battles will rage and blood will flow under the streets of Absalom, and only the greatest combatants will emerge victorious.

I ran this a few times at small conventions, and I have to say, there were some really cool things (the final 2 battle), and really lame things, in this scenario. Being the PFSpecial, when this gets run, it will be a big deal, and should get as much focus as it can. However, there is no way this scenario can run in the allotted time slot. Both times, I ran this, it went way over. It seems too much was added to this to make it fit in a standard time slot.

At times, coordination between the overseer GM & table GMs (me and probably others) didn’t go smoothly, as there is a part that is confusing on when the overseer takes over.

The sewers were cool, the bar brawl was neat (unless you were a player who died in it). The guardian was fun, and players were very creative in the solution.

At one point, a player made a comment about the stuff that their table doing meaning anything, which seemed like a bit of a downer. The final roll seemed a bit silly to me.

I give it 2.5 stars.

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