Review: PFS03-03: Ghenett Manor Gauntlet

Ghenett Manor Gauntlet

When the Pathfinder Society failed to obtain a valuable artifact from a wealthy Druman noble using diplomatic means, the eccentric collector challenged them to take it through skill from one of his well-guarded manors throughout the world. You are sent to Ghenett Manor in Katapesh with the hopes of surviving long enough to return with the prize—assuming it’s there at all.

I ran the Ghenett Manor Gauntlet as a home game for 6 players. Most of the players have not played a 5-9 before, and the average party level was right between 5-6 and 8-9. They decided to play it safe and play 5-6, which was the right choice.

The biggest thing I was excited about was finally breaking out my Easel Pad with 1 inch squares. I spent an hour trying to make things pretty, but enough about me. The players seemed to have a harder time with the beginning baddies once they got in to the manor than the end. I do think I screwed up the room where they find the [spoiler] thing. One thing that annoys me is that the humanoid baddies seem to be underpowered.

I give it 4 stars.

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