Update on init pad

Been doing some more work on the initiative pad (you can now see it on init.windycitypathfinder.com)

Right now, it’s just a blank pad. The buttons are:

  • Clear – this removes all of the rolls from the board. The PCs are still there.
  • Del – this removes all of the PCs from the board. Wiped clean ya’ll.
  • + – this is how you add a PC (with initiative modifier).
  • Next – move to the next PC in the initiative order
  • Reset – reset only resets the round to 1. Nothing happens to each PC/roll.

Same as before, except this time, you don’t add the roll. I figure that it should be done in the same place all the time, which is the next screen.

Now you see the first PC (or NPC), along with their initiative modifier, a zero (for current roll), and a delete button. The zero is editable, but more on that later.

Now we see a few other PCs. Notice that they are auto-sorted by the initiative modifier. They are actually auto-sorted by roll then by initiative modifier, but all the rolls are zero.

When I click on the box for the roll on the first PC, Fasty, and set it to 18. It auto-saves and resorts.

Add the rest of the scores (rolls + modifier) to the pad, and watch them auto-sort.

When you are all ready, you can hit the Next button and it will cycle through each PC. Neat sword eh? I stole it! Press Next again, and it goes down.

It also increments the round counter each time everyone goes.

To delay, you need to set the score manually (for now).


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