Review:PFS03-14 : Wonders in the Weave 2: Snake in the Fold

In a world the Pathfinder Society thought theirs for the exploring, the agents sent to retrieve a simple relic find themselves at odds with an entire lizardfolk village. As if that weren’t enough, however, am longtime rival to the Society has allied with the lizardfolk, and if not stopped, the Pathfinders’ entire operation on the newly discovered demiplane could be in jeopardy.

Continuing where WotW part 1 left off, we travel to the Muckmouth village. It was neat seeing the cave, but there could be more interactions between the tribe and the characters. For the most part, they just watched what was going on. Being indifferent is boring. Maybe a hero Muckmouthian wants to help the PCs with their mission. I’d like more backstory for them.

Also, the combats seemed to blend together. After the initial encounter, baddies fled to where more baddies were, and that was next to more baddies who showed up. The 2 brothers were pretty lame. I would expect them to be much harder, or maybe a water elemental shows up.

The rainbow room was a neat concept, but didn’t slow down high level PCs. After defeating the ‘boss’, players (and me) were confused on why there was another encounter. It reminded me of the movie Artificial Intelligence, when the movie ended, but then it went on and ended again. I thought it was completely unnecessary after the PCs saved they day. Perhaps if it were done earlier (another dig room?), it would mean something.

Finally, like a few other multi-scenario boons, this was lame and only useful under a very strict situation that will (most likely) never happen.

3 stars.

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