I may as well update this

Since I got hacked again and am moving the blog off of my own server to wordpress.

Stupid hackers.

Some updates:
* Today, I hit 52 scoots. Should be no problem getting 100 this year. Sweet.
* I’m still getting screwed by United, although they offered Jaime & I $200 coupons. We think it should be more. Oh United…
* We are putting our condo back on the market, and finally have come to realize that we will lose a lot of money regardless of when we sell it. Here is the old listing. Here is the new listing.  At least we are refinancing our house to a 03% interest rate. Bad ass.
* I have 94 Pathfinder GM credits. 4 more until I am a 4 star GM. There are 5 people who understood those sentences.
* Jaime’s Pop MTLI & Ms Kathy were in town for almost a week. Did show stuff and a few touristy things. Fun times.
* Congrats to The Playground for celebrating 15 years! I have nothing but great memories of that place.
* I’m still going to the guym, but I should really go for longer than 45 minutes.
* I may buy a bike. They seem fun.

1 Comment

  1. Chris R

    Regarding #4: I’m one of the five. w00t! 🙂

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