GenCon 2012

My cousin TJ and I went to GenCon a few weeks ago. Lots of Pathfinder. I would even go as far as saying too much Pathfinder. With the inclusion of Scotty’s Brewhouse, I GMed 8 games. I played none. I even got drafted into running the special without reading it. Man, I don’t like specials. Just not my preference.

I ran Cyphermage Dilemma once, God’s Market Gamble twice, Race for Runecarved Key once, and Goblinblood Dead four times. Ugh.  I do like God’s Market Gamble (review coming soon).

I felt like a King surrounded by loyal subjects, or a dad taking the girls out for ice cream.

The good part about going to Indy was that I got to play ComedySportz Indianapolis along with Alan Metoskie. I had a great  time playing.

Other updates:

  • Going SCUBA diving with Jaime on Thursday. Vancouver Island. We will dive with the giant pacific octopus. Thank goodness we go dry suited.
  • I started biking to work. That shit is tiring. I added a Bike to Work category.
  • ComedySportz auditions take place next month. You should go.

Love you,


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