Skull & Shackles update

Sometimes ghouls > PCs. The players got to the stockade where Arron Ivy (renamed to Sharron Ivy) was living. Instead of having Ivy attack the PCs, she was the last living survivor of the ship Infernus. The PCs needed a healer, boom, instant healer. Well, they stayed there overnight, and all of the ghouls that I didn’t use came to visit. It was a scene from The Walking Dead. Ghouls broke through the walls from all over. Crazy ghoul attack! Unfortunately, this lead to the first PC death. I regret to inform  you that Rob’s character, Chumley Roughknuckles (bard), was left to handle the ghouls alone, and he ended up being dinner.

There have been other ‘almost deaths’. But I am softballing when things happen. For now. One of the things I am telling players is to have a backup character ready to go. So I can kill a character, and they can just grab a new one and keep going.

The party got all the way through Riptide Cove, and fought the Brineblood Queen. That was a fun combat, but fighting a shark underwater was more dangerous.

Next up, return to The Man’s Promise and deal with Master Scourge and Mr Plugg. Muhahahah

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