Ode to the Yellow Dice

Step up players. Welcome to my table.

Before we begin, I must tell you a fable.

When I start this scenario behind my GM screen.

I will roll open and honestly, and not be mean.

With an arrow pluck or great axe slice,

You will meet my devastating yellow dice.

Translucent dice, each box contained six.

I purchased 3 boxes from the great Chessex.

As a player, the dice roll pretty normal.

Behind the screen, the activity gets paranormal.

Crit. Crit. Crit. Twenty.

Baddies keep dealing damage a plenty.

Baddy got a cutlass with a better crit range?

I kill more wizards than Bellatrix Lestrange!

When the battle is over, I hope you have had your fun.

In 10 rounds of combat, 15 crits and only 1 one.

I retire these yellow dice, so you don’t end up dead.

Next game, be careful, because the next set is RED!


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