Review: PFS 1-39 Citadel of Flame

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2 and 4–5).

Once the home to a cult preaching self-sacrifice by immolation in order to achieve paradise, the Citadel of Flame in Qadira’s Meraz Desert was presumably wiped out decades ago after Sarenrae dervishes led a crusade to end its morbid message. An enormous sandstorm swallowed both the citadel and the army attacking it, burying both beneath hundreds of feet of sand. Thought lost forever, the citadel’s rediscovery prompts the Pathfinder Society to send you deep in the unforgiving Meraz to finally close the book on Qadira’s most mysterious cult.

Written by Steven Robert

I have run this a few times, and most recently, it was my first attempt at a play-by-post game. This is a bit of a dungeon crawl, but there are a few tricky areas. The boss at the end is fun, and the room is pretty dangerous. However, once you get to the Citadel, it’s pretty RP free. The exception is the NPC you meet which seemed to confuse players more than help them. The faction missions were simple, as most didn’t require any rolls. Just do X, and you succeed. Much different than faction missions nowadays.

I give it 4 stars.

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