Non-douchey Bars in Wrigleyville

Yesterday, a list of the 25 Douchiest Bars in Chicago was published. Not surprisingly, most of the bars were in Wrigleyville. This is my list of non-douchey bars within a mile of the drunkly confines of Wrigley Field. What makes a bar non-douchey? Its the combination of bro-ness, Black Eyed Peas, and my opinion. If you don’t like the list, I don’t care. How bro-ish of me? Tonight is gonna be a good night. I just threw up in my mouth.

On to the list…

Guthries Tavern(link)

Guthries is a nice bar with both an inside and an outside. Guthries is locate a few blocks away from Wrigley, but down Addison so that the jagholes won’t stumble there after the Cubs lose. Jagholes are attracted to neon and Nikki Minoj. The best part about Guthries is that there are a ton of boardgames. If you show up on a weekday, you can get a table easy and your favorite board game, and play for hours. Weekends is a litte more tricky, but there is usually space.

Town Hall Pub (link)

The Town Hall Pub is a dive bar in Boystown. Flanked by alternate lifestyle establishments (which I’m totally cool with!), no doucheboxes will stumble into it accidentally. THP has a +4 rainbow shield vs jags. This has been a post-show improv bar for years, and has been running their own programming on occasion. If THP advertises a band or standup night, you just wasted a few blocks walk. It will likely be packed, and is not the dive bar you’re looking for. Just go about your business somewhere else.

Gingerman Tavern (link)

You know a bar is good and divey when the official website is a yelp page. I mean come on, Guthries was good enough to have a tripod site. I guess GMan’s site went down with geocities. Anyway, Gingerman is protected by the usual leather wearing outdoor crew at the Metro (where Snoop plays at 2 AM with doors at 7 PM). Gingerman has a nice back room with a second bar and a few pool tables. Most people here will be wearing normal clothes instead of jawk gear. The beer selection is pretty nice, and they don’t like douchebaggery.

Ten Cat (link)

Another Yelp bar. Hooray. I think I see a trend. Ten Cat is smaller than the other bars, and pushing that “is it really worth it to walk this far?” range. The answer is maybe. If you are looking for a dive bar that has some good beer, a free (on Sat before 8 PM) pool table, and a patio, then the Ten Cat is for you. I remember we celebrated Jaime’s birthday there, and were totally cool with us bringing a big ass cake in. That’s got to count for something. No bros either. That counts for more.

L&L Tavern (link)

If you clicked the link, your mind would be blown. Seriously. How do you trump a Yelp website? You use wikipedia. No shit! L&L is great for Old Style & a shot of whiskey. You can rock the jukebox to something I probably have never heard. That’s cool. This is what you expect when you say dive bar. Cheap booze. Crappy chairs. Dirty bathrooms. How could a Bro even think about showing up here? You can’t be your own bathroom attendant.

The winner:

Cork Lounge (link)

What’s better than having a domain for your bar? Having it forward to blogspot! I love this bar. Right by the Addison Brownline stop, and always empty. You could call up 10 people to meet you out, and be the majority of the patrons here. Plus, they have pool, shuffleboard, games, and awesome beer. Tell me you can say no to a Dogfish Head 90. The only Jaggamuffins around here are the ones stumbling home from the El. Long live the Cork Lounge!

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